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Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the ban on online cigar purchases in Quebec.

We know how much Terry Pomerantz likes to enjoy a good cigar while philosophizing with his friends, or simply alone, letting his ideas wander. Quebec’s Tobacco Act But Terry Pomerantz can unfortunately not advise us on the best websites where to get cigars. Indeed, in Quebec, all online cigar shops are subject to the Tobacco … Continued

Here’s how to repair your lighter and your vehicle’s cigarette lighter

You’re hoarding lighters and none of them work? There’s nothing worse for a cigar lover. Over the years, Terry Pomerantz has been able to find a few tricks to repair a lighter and a cigar lighter. He tells us everything here below. Why do we have too many lighters? Most good cigar lovers always have … Continued

How much does a Cuban cigar bought in Cuba cost?

Terry Pomerantz says that there is no comparable place in Cuba to buy the best cigars in the world at the best price. “Buying a cigar from Cuba in Quebec will cost at least 25% more than anywhere else in Canada. A box of Cuban cigars that you will pay $325 in Havana will cost … Continued

Names, shapes and sizes of cigars: all the answers to your questions

For Terry Pomerantz, “smoking cigars is an art”. It is an art of conversation and reflection, of sharing and relating to others. But first let us master the vocabulary of the cigar world. Words that open a world Cigars are more or less thick, more or less long and their shapes vary. It is sometimes … Continued

The best cigar smoking movie scenes according to Terry.

A great cigar lover before the Eternal, Terry Pomerantz is also a fan of good cinema. Of course, the scenes where the hero smokes a cigar have often surprised him and have always interested him a little more than “ordinary” moviegoers like you and me, who will only see it as the simple attribute of … Continued

Why and how to keep your cigars fresh

The humidor The best way to keep the freshness of quality cigars such as the Cohiba Talisman or Hoyo de Monterrey remains a good humidor. But humidors are expensive. “Those who are beginning their exploration in the world of cigars can get a small, simple humidor,” recommends Terry Pomerantz, a fine cigar connoisseur. Gelatine Packets … Continued

The best cigar shops in Montreal and Orlando, FL

Vasco Cigars In Montreal, Terry likes to buy his favourite cigars at the Vasco cigar shop. The Vasco store is located on St. Catherine Street, between Bishop and Crescent. It is there that Terry Pomerantz finds his famous Montecristo No. 2, “the perfectly balanced creamy taste” of which he looks forward to while talking to … Continued

How to smoke a Cuban cigar?

“Let the good times smoke” There’s nothing complicated about Terry Pomerantz. Especially when it comes to enjoying the good times that life has in store for us. The last thing Terry has time for is some pretentious ceremony. His “good times” are devoted to his family, his friends and the children in need whom he … Continued