Don Tomas cigars: Terry tells you everything

Let’s keep exploring the wonderful world of cigars with our guide, Terry Pomerantz. In this article, Terry tells us all we need to know about Don Tomas cigars.

The origin of Don Tomas cigars

Don Tomas artisanal cigars were created in Honduras in the 1950s. The wrapper leaf and the binder of a Don Tomas are made from tobacco from Honduras, and the filler is made with a combination of tobacco from Nicaragua and Honduras.

Specific features of Don Tomas cigars

Don Tomas cigars include 2 large categories: the Don Tomas Clasico and the Don Tomas Bundle. Don Tomas cigars stand out from others thanks to their remarkable value for money.

Don Tomas Clasico cigars

Known for their draw and perfect combustion, Don Tomas Clasico cigars come down to 7 categories: Number 4, Rotschild, Robusto, Colosal, Allegro (Tubos), Corojo 554 (Robusto) and Corojo 660 (Toro). These cigars are offered in packs of 10, 20 or 25 units. 

Don Tomas Bundle cigars

Don Tomas Bundle cigars come in packs of 5. They are different from Don Tomas Clasico in their very intense aroma, their extremely high quality standards, as well as their band and orange packaging. 

Don Tomas Bundle cigars come in 3 categories: Bundle Rotschild, Bundle Robusto and Bundle Toro.

Don Tomas cigar prices

Here are the prices for Don Tomas cigars. Please note that these prices can vary according to variables such as tobacco prices, artisan salaries, import fees and the value of foreign currencies.

  • Clasico Number 4 (pack of 25): $ 175
  • Clasico Rotschild (25): $ 185
  • Clasico Robusto (25): $ 200
  • Clasico Colosal (10): $ 105
  • Clasico Allegro (20): $ 185
  • Clasico Corojo 554 (20): $ 160
  • Clasico Corojo 660 (20): $ 180
  • Bundle Rotschild (pack of 5): $ 17
  • Bundle Robusto (5): $ 20
  • Bundle Toro (5): $ 21.50

Terry’s opinion on Don Tomas cigars

Terry Pomerantz states that “Don Tomas cigars are perfect for your guests, at your cigar bars, for special occasions like weddings, birthdays or anniversaries, or a fundraiser. Don Tomas cigars are quality cigars that you can purchase at an interesting price”.

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