How to calibrate an electronic cigar hygrometer?

Terry Pomerantz recommends all cigar lovers to install an electric hygrometer in their humidors if they don’t already have one. But, what is a hygrometer? What has it got to do with a Cohiba, a Partagas or a Montecristo? How do you calibrate a cigar hygrometer?

What is a hygrometer?

At home, a hygrometer is used to measure and control the relative humidity of a room. It is usually built-in to air cleaners, thermostats and dehumidifiers.

What is a cigar hygrometer?

People who love cigars use a hygrometer to measure and control the humidity level of their humidor, allowing them to maintain the quality of their cigars. There are 2 types: analog and digital hygrometers. Analog models are very elegant, and more expensive but less accurate.

Like many experts, Terry Pomerantz considers electronic hygrometers to be much more convenient than analog ones: “Digital hygrometers are very accurate. They do not need to be calibrated because they are calibrated at the factory. They often include other features such as a thermometer and a memory. Also, digital hygrometers are much more affordable than analog ones.”

view of a cigar travel humidor

How to calibrate an analog cigar hygrometer

On the flip side, analog hygrometers are definitely more pleasing. They add a special touch to your humidor and they give it a real added value.

Unfortunately, analogue hygrometers are delicate and can be easily misadjusted. That means that they need to be reaclibrated regularly.

How to properly calibrate your analog cigar hygrometer

  1. Remove the hygrometer from the cellar by gently pressing the rear lid;
  2. Place the hygrometer in a Zip Lock bag;
  3. Prepare a small amount of saline solution with a bit of water;
  4. Place the salt in a small cap and add water to form a paste;
  5. Place the salt plug in the storage bag;
  6. After 8 hours, your analog hygrometer should read 75% humidity;
  7. If not, calibrate your hygrometer with the screw on the back.
  8. Place the hygrometer back in its place on the humidor.

“That’s all it takes to reset your analog hygrometer,” says Terry Pomerantz.

Conservation of a cigar with the hygrometer

The best cigar hygrometers according to Terry Pomerantz

Terry Pomerantz considers the following hygrometers to be of very good quality

  • The Xikar Round digital thermohygrometer.
  • The high-precision Adorini analog hygrometer – can be placed in the humidor with a magnet.
  • The electronic Credo hygrometer – this small hygrometer can be placed in any humidor and displays humidity and temperature in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • The Xika PuroTemp electronic hygrometer – it updates the humidity and temperature reading every 10 seconds.

On a final note, Terry Pomerantz reminds us that a big storage bag like a Zip Lock “can save the life of your cigars. Simply place your cigars inside with a Xikar humidity bag that contains a super saturated salt solution. This solution will maintain a humidity level of 72%, and a single bag can last 3 months. However, when you are enjoying a cigar with a nice fresh rosé in the company of your friends, especially in the summer months, be careful not to leave your precious bag of cigars out in the sun… “

Smoking a cigar with one of the best hygrometers

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