Punch Cigars in Canada : A Review by Terry Pomerantz

Terry Pomerantz presents Punch cigars. “Punch cigars are high-quality cigars. They are full-bodied cigars for experienced cigar smokers. I do not recommend these cigars to those who are new to the world of cigars. Personally, I like to smoke a Punch after dinner, with a good scotch or cognac.”

A Short History of Punch Cigars

Punch Cigars were created in Cuba in 1840 by Valle y Cia. The choice of the Punch name and brand logo was a strategic one, aimed toward the British market. Punch was a famous character in British puppet shows; a grumpy, hunchbacked clown with a crooked nose. 

While visiting the Punch cigar manufactory during a trip to Havana, Winston Churchill, legendary leader and statesman, gave his name to one of the brand’s cigar sizes.

Punch Cigars: Terry’s Opinion

Punch Cigars are made in Cuba by artisans that pay close attention to the choice of tobacco leaves and their fermenting and aging process.

3 Punch cigars on the flag

“There is a good reason why one of the most popular cigar smokers of all time, Sir Winston Churchill, gave his name to a Punch. Although they are quite powerful, experienced cigar smokers quickly recognize their undeniable qualities.” (Terry Pomerantz)

Different Punch Cigars

Among the different Punch cigars, Terry Pomerantz has a strong preference for 5 of them.

Punch Churchill

A medium bodied cigar, this Punch stands out for its impeccable construction and earthy undertones. A classic cigar.

Punch Punch

The brand’s namesake cigar is full-bodied. The smoker will appreciate the underlying tones of wood, pepper and humid earth.

Punch Short by Punch

A compact cigar with woody aromas and underlying tones of humid grass. Once the smoker reaches the second third, this Paraiso becomes more full-bodied, with spicier undertones.

Open box of Punch short cigars

Punch Coronas

This Corona cigar offers constant full-bodied flavours. The cigar aficionado will appreciate the underlying tones of wood and subtle spices.


Punch Duke Regional Mexico 2018 Edition

This Punch Robusto Extra is covered with a dark and well-oiled wrapper leaf. Shortly after it is lit, the smoker will discover a strong creamy flavour with underlying tones of cedar, followed by black chocolate, cinnamon and roasted coffee beans. The last third reveals flavours of hay and flowers.

Prices for Punch Cigars

Just like for all Cuban cigars, Punch cigars are quite rare on the international market. No matter if you purchase them online (in Canada, outside of Quebec) or in your favourite tobacco shop, a box of 25 Punch Cigars in Canada costs around $ 450 and $ 875.

Punch Corona (25 cigars): $ 415

Punch Churchill (25 cigars): $ 590

Punch Short (25 cigars): $ 625

Punch Punch (25 cigars): $ 733

Where to purchase Punch cigars in Canada?

In Canada, you can buy Punch cigars in any good Cigar Tobacco store or online on specialized websites (except in Quebec).

Boite de cigares Punch Classico Ouverte

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