Terry Pomerantz

Over the years, my passion for fine cigars has been an unwavering flame, driving me to continually deepen my knowledge to extract the best from each tasting. Beyond the simple act of smoking, there is nothing quite like the pleasure of sharing an excellent cigar in good company. Enjoying these unique moments surrounded by souls as passionate as mine, whether with family or friends, truly is priceless. It is also an invitation to savor the passing of time.

On this site, you will discover my informed advice on different types and brands of cigars that I recommend, as well as where to acquire them and essential accessories. Explore the best practices to make the most of each cigar experience.

However, my passion extends beyond cigars. I also add my love for wine and cuisine, realms where every detail matters. I dedicate a significant part of my life to a cause that is deeply close to my heart: the Pomerantz Foundation. This organization, dedicated to helping children in need, reflects my commitment to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Welcome to my world, where passion for cigars, wine, cuisine, and philanthropic commitment come together to create a rewarding and memorable experience.

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