Cuban cigars

Cuban cigars with the flag of Cuba.

A true cigar aficionado, Terry Pomerantz shares his personal suggestions with us: “My passion for good cigars, is the only thing that I’m really trying to express in these articles. I am no expert and I would never have the arrogance of criticizing cigars I do not like. I only want to help you know more about the different types of cigars, the different sizes for large cigars and smaller cigars, along with the different Cuban cigar brands.”

The 4 tobacco production zones in Cuba

The two main types of Cuban tobacco –the Corojo and the Criollo- are mainly cultivated in the province of Pinar del Rio.

In his articles, Terry Pomerantz also describes the tobacco that grows in 4 other regions of Cuba, including from the Vuelta Abajo, where Habano tobacco leaves are produced and which are then used by the torcedores to assemble the famous Cohiba cigars.

Main brands of Cuban cigars

In his articles, Terry reveals the secrets behind the best Cuban cigar brands. You can learn about:

  • Montecristo.
  • Cohiba
  • Partagàs
  • Romeo y Julieta

Best cigars in the world

According to Terry Pomerantz’ tastes, “Cohiba cigars are the best in the world.” Moreover, the Behike Edition is the most exclusive –and expensive- Cohiba cigar line.

But Terry Pomerantz also helps us discover other excellent Cuban cigar brands.

Where can you find Cuban cigars in Quebec and Canada?

In his articles dedicated to Cuban cigars, Terry Pomerantz also discusses where to find them for purchase in Quebec and Canada.

The Habanos Specialist Network

In Terry Pomerantz’ cigar blog, you will also discover Quebec cigar shops along with other cigar shops in large Canadian cities, which include specialized luxury tobacco stores that bear the Habanos Specialist title.

By reading Terry Pomerantz’ monthly cigar blog –along with other archived blogs- you can learn everything there is to know about famous and extraordinary cigars, like Cuban cigars!