Casa Magna Colorado cigars: find out more!

Casa Magna Colorado cigars are increasingly popular. If you have never smoked a Casa Magna cigar, read on to see what Terry Pomerantz has to say about them.

The origin of the Casa Magna cigar

The Casa Magna cigar was born in 2008 from an association between Manuel Quesada –the manufacturer of several of the best cigars in the world, like the Fonseca, the Romeo y Julieta and the Cubita- and Nestor Plasencia, the biggest cigar tobacco producer in Nicaragua.

The Colorado cigar is made from tobacco that comes from the Esteli region and the Jalapa valley. Sold at an affordable price, this was in no way an impediment to it being named Best cigar of the year 2008, by the prestigious specialized Cigar Aficionado magazine. 

Casa Magna Colorado cigar box from Nicaragua

Selecting your Casa Magna cigar

Depending on your taste and preferences, you will have the choice between 5 types of Casa Magna Colorado cigars.

  • The Casa Magna Colorado Churchill is extremely oily. It stands out with leather, caramel and hazelnut coffee notes. It has a dried fruit finish, punctuated with spicy pepper.
  • The Casa Magna Colorado Diadema burns evenly. Nuanced flavors such as cocoa, cedar and spices converge towards a sharp finish. 
  • The Casa Magna Colorado Extrordinario stands out with a core of salty flavours, brought into balance by notes of nougat, cocoa and spices.
  • Very long (8 ¼ in), the Casa Magna Colorado Lancero releases notes of red wine, soft wood aromas and leather notes.
  • The small Corona Casa Magna Colorado Pikito begins with a touch of acidity, progressively revealing black pepper, rock salt and earthy notes. Its finish has light caramel flavors. 
A Casa Magna Colorado cigars collection from Nicaragua

What are the prices for Casa Magna cigar?

In Canada, a Casa Magna Colorado Robusto costs more or less $ 20 and a Casa Magna Colorado Extraordinario sells between $ 25 and $ 30.

Where to buy Casa Magna cigars in Quebec?

As you know, tobacco laws in Quebec prohibit any and all online tobacco sales. To purchase Casa Magna cigars in Quebec, Terry Pomerantz suggests you visit a specialized tobacco shop like Vasco Cigars, Blatter & Blatter or Cigare & Compagnie.

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