Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the ban on online cigar purchases in Quebec.

We know how much Terry Pomerantz likes to enjoy a good cigar while philosophizing with his friends, or simply alone, letting his ideas wander.

Quebec’s Tobacco Act

But Terry Pomerantz can unfortunately not advise us on the best websites where to get cigars. Indeed, in Quebec, all online cigar shops are subject to the Tobacco Control Act. This Quebec law regulates the use of tobacco in public places in Quebec and prohibits all online sales of cigars and tobacco.

This law stipulates that: “The sale of tobacco products, now including the electronic cigarette, is permitted only in person at the point of sale. It is forbidden to sell them over the Internet, by telephone order or otherwise.” It therefore prohibits the promotion and sale of any form of tobacco on the Internet. Although several Canadian, European and American sites sell cigars online, it will be impossible for you to order cigars online in Quebec.

Order from an online wholesaler

The only solution is to order your cigars from wholesalers who can deliver them to your home. On the other hand, it is difficult to order Cuban cigars since they are often held back by distributors to raise prices. If you order from these sites, be sure to check if the company has been around for a long time. Also check the quality of the reviews left by their online customers. Don’t buy anything from a supplier that didn’t get 4 or 5 stars and take the time to read the online reviews, especially those from Quebec customers.

Encouraging our local tobacco shops

Terry Pomerantz warmly recommends to buy our cigars at our local tobacco shop: “Especially in these difficult times for our local merchants, I encourage all lovers of good cigars to visit their favorite cigar shop to buy their cigars.”

Among the tobacco shops in Montreal, let’s mention Vasco Cigar, Terry Pomerantz’s favourite cigar shop, Tabagie Impériale on Masson Street or Habanera Cigares in Sainte-Rose.

Terry continues: “There are many advantages to buying your cigars on the spot. First of all, as soon as you open the door of your tobacco shop, you are greeted by tobacco fragrances that bewitch your olfactory sense. At the counter, an excellent cigar consultant awaits you who can answer all your questions and give you personalized recommendations. Finally, a stroll to the cigar shop allows you to break the monotony of confinement while rediscovering the pleasure of conversing with cigar lovers!”

A cigar enthusiast, Terry Pomerantz shares his expert advice on the different brands, types of cigars, and essential accessories to have. Immerse yourself in his recommendations to magnify your experience with each cigar, which you can enjoy in good company, an invitation to take the time to live each moment to the full.