What Terry Pomerantz thinks of Cohiba cigars

According to Terry Pomerantz, Cohiba cigars –especially those made in Cuba- are amongst the best in the world. “For a cigar amateur, smoking a Cohiba is absolutely divine!”

How has Cohiba become a mythical brand?

In the 1960s, one of Fidel Castro’s guards was smoking a very aromatic cigar. Fidel asked him where he had gotten his cigar. The bodyguard answered: “From a friend who rolls cigars. His name id Eduardo Rivera”.

Fidel Castro gave Eduardo Rivera his own cigar factory under one condition: that Rivera only make cigars for Castro himself or those close to him. Cohiba cigars where then offered to Heads of State, diplomates and government friends. Later, in 1982, during the Fifa World Cup in Spain, the Cohiba brand was officially launched on the public market.

Where the name Cohiba came from

The Tainos, who were the nation living in Cuba before Columbus arrived, called the long tobacco rolls they smoked Cohiba.

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What makes Cohiba cigars special

The tobacco Cohiba cigars are made with, comes from one of the best terroir in the Vuelta Abajo area. In order to take full advantage of all the flavors the tobacco leaves can offer, they are aged for 18 months in oak barrels. Moreover, the tobacco is fermented 3 times over. Furthermore, the actual rolling of the Cohiba cigars has been handed down to the best torcedores in Cuba, who roll them by hand. The elegance and precision is clearly seen in their touch, and the esthetics, harmony and the very soul of their work shines through in each and every Cohiba cigar.

Cohiba cigars are available in a wide variety, each with its unique character. For example, the Corcona Especiales is a 14 cm long medium-bodied cigar with a 16.6 mm ring; it is both floral and earthy. The Lanceros is 19.2 cm long with a 15.08 mm ring; its smoke carries with it notes of honey and cedar. Finally, the Robusto, cigar aficionados’ favorite, is 12.4 cm long with a 19.84 mm ring; it exudes strong flavours of black honey, herbs, caramel and leather.

The Cohiba Behike

Norma Fernandez, Fidel Castro’s personal torsedora, was responsible for selecting the different tobaccos used to make the 4,000 Cohiba Behike for their first edition. This unique edition of 4,000 cigars was distributed in 40 exclusive humidors. Each box of 100 Cohiba Behike sold for no less than 15,000 euros! In 2010, the Cohiba brand launched a new edition of the Cohiba Behike, its most exclusive and expensive cigars yet.

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Prices for Cohiba cigars in Canada

In Canada, prices for Cohiba cigars vary according to origin, caliber and brand. A Cohiba cigar will go anywhere from $ 20 to $ 50, while a box of 10 Cohiba Behike 56 cigars will cost you at least $ 1,436 US or $ 1,850 CND. A box of 25 Robusto costs around $ 975 CND and a box of 25 Lanceros $ 850 CDN.

Where can we find Cohiba cigars in Canada?

In Canada, Cohiba cigars are found in specialized tobacco shops. You can also find some in certain cigar bars. Certain provinces allow for online cigar purchases, however, online sale of tobacco is prohibited in Quebec.

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What Terry Pomerantz thinks of Cohiba cigars

Terry Pomerantz does not hesitate to give his opinion: “Cohiba cigars are simply the best cigars in the world!”

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