Small cigars: Terry Pomerantz tells us everything!

Cigarillos and dry tobacco leaves placed in a metal box on a wooden table

Although Terry is primarily a fan of high-quality cigars, he does occasionally smoke a small cigar.

But what are the specifics of a small cigar? And which brands does Terry Pomerantz recommend? Read on to find out.

What is a cigarillo?

Cigarillos are shorter and narrower variants of the classic cigar sizes.

A cigarillo contains about 3 grams of tobacco.

Its length varies from 6 to 9 centimetres and its diameter from 5 to 8 millimetres.

Shorter than a cigar and made with the same type of tobacco, the taste of a cigarillo is much more bitter and has less flavour.

This is why some manufacturers add artificial flavours to their cigarillos.

Flavoured cigarillos

In Quebec, tobacco laws prohibit the sale of flavoured cigarillos. 

“It’s a good thing because most of them are of poor quality,” says Terry. 

Most of the manufacturers who market these products aim to attract a young, often unwise clientele to tobacco products, unconcerned about the dangers of inhaling the smoke from these pale imitations of small cigars.

What is in a cigarillo?

Close up of a cigarillo above a spoon shaped ashtray

Quality cigarillos such as those made by high quality cigar producers like Davidoff, Partagas or Romeo & Julieta contain the same leaves as their cigars

However, there is more nicotine (1.24 mg per cigar) in a little cigar than in a cigarette (0.87 mg). 

As a result, the inhaled puff of a cigarillo is more toxic than from a cigarette. 

“I rarely smoke cigarillos. It reminds me too much of smoking and I don’t want to go back to smoking cigarettes, no thanks,” says Terry.

How do you smoke a small cigar?

Man smoking cigarillo outdoors

A quality little cigar is smoked almost like a cigar. 

You hold the smoke in your mouth and enjoy the richness of its flavours. 

Just like a cigar and as Terry Pomerantz strongly recommends, you should not inhale its smoke, which is very harmful.

Terry Pomerantz’s favorite small cigars

The Partagas D4, the Romeo & Julieta Mille fleurs and the Por Larranaga Panetelas are among the best cigarillos.

For his part, Terry Pomerantz prefers the cigarillos made by Davidoff (Mini Cigarillos Nicaragua, Premier Classic, Signature No 2, Premier Nicaragua, Premier mature and Premier escurto).

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