Who Makes Quorum Cigars

As you might expect, Terry Pomerantz knows and loves Quorum cigars. But where do they come from?

They have a great reputation, but who makes Quorum cigars?

Who makes Quorum cigars?

Quorum cigars are made by the Julius Caeser Newman Cigar Company, the oldest family-owned cigar manufacturer in America. The JC Newman Pensa cigar factory is the second largest cigar factory in Nicaragua. It is in this factory that the famous Quorum cigars are hand-rolled by expert craftsmen.

The new cigar empire

According to specialist magazines, Nicaragua is the new cigar empire. Its rich volcanic soils are renowned for producing particularly full-bodied tobaccos.

In this country, the cigar industry began about 50 years ago when Cuban entrepreneurs fled the revolution.

Over the years, Greek, Italian and Canadian investors have joined Cuban entrepreneurs to create an industry that employs over 42,000 people. From sowing to marketing, the process of making an artisanal cigar involves 539 steps, including quality control processes.

Some of the most famous Nicaraguan cigar brands include the Padron Serie 1926, the Rocky Patel A.L.R. Second Edition Toro, the Oliva Serie V Lancero and the Fernandez Bella Artes Maduro Robusto.

2 Quorum cigars put forward, standing, nozzles up: a Shade (beige) Torpedo (torpedo-shaped) on the left and a Maduro (darker) Toro on the right.

What are the different cigars that Quorum offers?

Now that we know who makes Quorum cigars, let’s see what different types of cigars Quorum offers.

First of all, Quorum cigars are smooth and medium-strength cigars. They are the most popular handmade cigars in the world and are offered in 3 varieties: Classic, Shade and Maduro.

Each variety of Quorum cigars is offered in several shapes and sizes. For example, the Quorum Classic and Quorum Shade come in:

  • Churchill (7 x 48)
  • Double Gordo (6 x 60)
  • Toro (6 x 50), Torpedo (6 x 50)
  • Corona (5.50 x 43)
  • Robusto (4.75 x 50)
  • Tres Petite Corona (4.50 x 38)
  • Short Robusto (3.25 x 50)

As for the Maduro, it has 5 types:

  • Churchill (7 x 48)
  • Double Gordo (6 x 60)
  • Toro (6 x 50)
  • Corona (5,50 x 43)
  • Robusto (4,75 x 50)
6 Quorum Shade cigars, spouts up, centred, all of different varieties with only the Gordo double and the Robusto regular missing.

What about the quality of Quorum cigars?

When asked about the quality of Quorum cigars, Terry Pomerantz’s answer is clear: “Quorum cigars are great! I used to buy mine in the U.S., which is impossible for most of us since the start of COVID-19. In Montreal, you can probably get them at Cigare & Companie on St. Laurent Boulevard, Cigares Rockland at the Rockland Centre, or Vasco Cigars on St. Catherine West Street.”

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