Backwoods cigars in Canada: Terry tells you everything!

Terry Pomerantz has serious doubts when it comes to Backwood cigars. “It is illegal to sell aromatic cigars in Canada and Quebec.

In fact, the Canadian Tobacco and Vaping Products Act states that it is illegal to sell candy- and fruit-flavoured or aromatic small cigars and cigarettes. Backwood cigars have been created with the purpose of enticing youth to start smoking. 

For example, Blackwood Blunt tobacco leaves are loaded with nicotine. Blackwood cigars are actually off-putting to real cigar lovers. I definitely advise against these for youth!

What are Backwood cigars?

Backwood cigars have been manufactured in the United States since 1973. At that time, they were used as a strategy to bypass laws on cigarettes ads. 

Today, Backwood cigars are known for their funky wrappers, rough appearance and variety of flavours. Backwood cigars have a frayed end, a slender body, are machine rolled and are sold in pacts of 3, 5 and 8. Backwoods feature flavors such as vanilla, honey berry, Russian cream, grape and rhum.

Hands of a man making a Backwood cigar

Backwood blunt tobacco leaves

Let’s mention that once they are rolled, Backwood blunt tobacco leaves really do look like a “joint”. Loaded with nicotine, they can cause stomach aches and dizziness.

Blackwood blunt tobacco cigarillos became very popular amongst youth because of rappers like Fetty Wap, Busta Rhymes or The Gama. 

Backwood cigars are more expensive than competitive brands like Swisher and Dutch Masters.

In Canada, you cannot legally purchase Backwood aromatic cigars.

According to Terry Pomerantz, “Backwood cigars are a real toxic threat for youth. When it comes to serious cigar amateurs, Backwoods are nothing but objects of curiosity”. 

Six big cigars stacked in a triangle on a white background

Are Backwoods cigars illegal in Canada?

The sale of small, flavored cigars has been banned in Canada since 2009. Consequently, the sale of all small Backwoods flavored cigars is strictly prohibited in Canada. This ban also includes online selling and purchasing of Backwoods flavored cigars.

Why are Backwoods cigars illegal in Canada?

In Canada, selling flavored cigars like Backwoods is prohibited. Why? To protect youth from tobacco related illnesses.

Tobacco companies have developed products like flavored cigars mainly to make them more attractive to a younger clientele.

With very funky and colourful wrappers and flavors like honey, fruit, cream and vanilla, the small flavored cigars are specially made so that the younger crowd can enjoy the slightly provocative nature of cigar smoking, in a flavor they like. The company is actually masking attributes related to real tobacco, giving the impression of being able to adopt a nonconformist stance without having to suffer the actual consequences of doing so.

Is it possible to purchase Backwoods tobacco in Canada?

Terry Pomerantz reminds us that “it is not possible to legally purchase aromatic Backwoods cigars in Canada”. However, the sale of pure Backwoods blunt fronto leaf tobacco leaf is not prohibited in Canada. You should still keep in mind that most Backwoods blunt tobacco leaves are flavored, which means that it is illegal to sell them in Canada.

Why are Backwoods cigars so expensive?

The image the Backwoods brand has forged for itself over the years with young consumers, has caused prices for small cigars to skyrocket. Young consumers also associate small Backwoods cigars with the fact that Backwoods blunt tobacco leaves are very sought after by rap stars like Mac Dre, Waka or Flocka Flame for rolling their cannabis joints.

How much nicotine do Backwoods cigars have?

The levels of nicotine in Backwoods blunt tobacco leaves are so high that some people experience stomach aches after inhaling just a few puffs.

In conclusion, Terry Pomerantz stresses that Health Canada has compared smoke emissions emanating from small cigars like Backwoods to that of cigarettes sold in Canada. “There are 27 toxic chemical components present in the smoke emitted from both of these products”.

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