What are cheap cigars worth?

A large quantity of hand-rolled cigars

What is a cheap cigar worth? What are the cigars we buy at the hotel shop on our southern vacation worth? Terry Pomerantz often finds cheap cigars of very acceptable quality. But then again, what are they really worth?

Counterfeit and cheap cigars

There is a big difference between counterfeit cigars sold on the beach or on the corner of a tourist street, and a cigar that is honestly made and sold at a modest price, that is to say, at a much lower price than branded cigars. 

“There are sketchy things that go into making counterfeit cigars. They can also be infested with parasites!” warns Terry Pomerantz.

Branded cigars and cheap cigars: prices

Cheap Cuban cigars such as Por Larranaga Small Corona, San Cristobal El Principe, Partagas Shorts, Ramon Allones Small Club Corona or Bolivar Small Coronas cost only about $10 each

Similar cigars from a premium brand like Montecristo or Romeo y Julieta will easily cost 50% more per unit.

Four examples of small Corona cigars

The advantages of cheap cigars

Some manufacturers offer several types of cigars with very respectable quality/price value. Cheap cigars of good quality are easily preserved in a humidor or in a simple zip-lock bag.

Where to buy cheap cigars?

Whether it is in Cuba, in the Dominican Republic or in Mexico, you will find very good yet inexpensive cigars in specialized tobacco shops

Don’t hesitate to taste a cigar that was handmade before you by a craftsman. Many craftsmen set up shop on the street, in a kiosk, with tobacco leaves hanging from the wooden beams. 

However, stay away from cigars sold on the sidewalk, especially if the retailer tells you they are from a reputable brand.

In Montreal, as elsewhere in Canada, specialized tobacco shops sell excellent cigars of lesser-known brands at much lower prices than those of the major brands.

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Terry’s Advice

Handcrafted cigars sold in boxes are less expensive than cigars sold individually in a metal tube, and they are also easier to store.

A $1,000 cigar

For the record, some cigars from the very prestigious Gurkha Cigar brand cost a whopping $1,000 USD each!

Are cheap cigars worth it?

“Definitely yes!” says Terry Pomerantz.

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