Behike cigars in Canada: a rarety!

Behike cigars are the most prestigious, most rare and most expensive cigars in the world. “Behike cigars are so rare, we can’t even find them in Cuba anymore!” says Terry Pomerantz, regrettably.

The history of Behike cigars

Behike cigars were produced for the first time in 2005 in the El Laguito manufacture, the same place Cohiba cigars are produced, the most reputable Cuban cigars in the world. Behike cigars were produced as a very limited edition to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the creation of Cohiba cigars.

Cohiba cigars were originally produced solely for Fidel Castro. It was only in 1982 that Cohiba cigars began being produced on a larger scale.

How Behike cigars are made

Due to the 39 years of experience under her belt, the El Laguito manufacture chose to entrust the creation of the Behike to the “torcedora” Norma Fernandez. She chose which tobaccos were to be used and in which proportion, and she even rolled the 4,000 cigars for the First Edition of the Behike herself. She never revealed the composition of the cigars for this 1st edition.

Cohiba, however, produced a new edition of the Behike in 2014. The Behike 56 is a cigar of the Double Robusto type, with the 56 ring gauge. This large Behike cigar measures 165 mm (6.5- inches) and is made from 3 different tobacco leaves. The viso leaf is used for the cigar body and flavor. The seco leaves bring complexity and sweetness and the ligero leaves give the cigar strength and provide more body to the smoke. These tobaccos come from the best plantations in Cuba.

Left: standing cigar, beak up. On the right: 3 lying cigars (spout on the left) peeled, showing from bottom to top: the filler, the binder and the wrapper.

Price for a Behike cigar

“A Behike cigar doesn’t come cheap! But it is sure worth its weight in gold!” adds Terry Pomerantz. When they could be found in Montreal, a Behike cigar cost around $ 125 to $ 150. And given how extremely rare they are now, the price for a single Behike cigar can now reach over $ 450 US.

Where to purchase Behike cigars in Canada?

“If you can get your hands on Behike cigars in Canada, I beg you to tell me where!” For several years now, Behike cigars have been practically inexistent; they are close to impossible to find, anywhere in the world, including the most reputable tobacco shops, the snazziest casinos or the most sophisticated clubs.

Terry Pomerantz: “It’s very difficult to know exactly why Behike cigars have anything but disappeared from the market. Rumor has it that some Asian markets bought the entire Behike production in advance. In my humble opinion, the most plausible reason would be the difficulty of finding a supply of very high quality tobacco leaves. For several years now, Cuba has also fallen victim to climate change! Too much or too little rain and high quality tobacco leaves lose all of their finesse and no longer meet the very high and rigorous Behike standards.”


Terry Pomerantz insists on caution: “Be very careful if someone offers you a Behike, even in Cuba! It will most likely be a counterfeit cigar that is definitely not worth the price the seller is asking for. It is regrettable, but the scarcity of an exceptional product invariably opens the door to counterfeit products too.”

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