The 5 best torch lighters for cigars, according to Terry

When Terry Pomerantz kicks back to relax in his garden, playing around with a cigar lighter, there’s a good chance it might be one of the 5 best torch lighters, found in Canada.

What is a torch lighter?

Also called jet lighters or turbo lighters, torch lighters utilize 2, 3 or even 4 flames. Quality torch lighters work on refined butane. Their constant flame releases extremely powerful heat, much stronger than a regular lighter. Some torch lighters are equipped with some type of wind shield and a punch cutter.

Terry Pomerantz’ opinion on torch lighters

“Torch lighters are the best lighters for cigars” says Terry Pomerantz. He adds “It is important to take your time when lighting a cigar properly. When you light your cigar, you don’t want to place your torch lighter too close to the cigar because you don’t want to burn the tobacco leaves. Don’t put your cigar in your mouth; place it away from the flame and make it roll between your fingers. This way, you will gently light your cigar on all sides. You must light your cigar evenly at the tip, over 1 to 2 mm. Once your cigar is lit, you can then place it in your mouth and keep turning it gently while keeping the torch lighter flame about 2.5 or 3- inches away. That’s when you can start puffing slowly.”

Cigar in an ashtray surrounded by a box of cigars, a lighter and a glass of alcohol

A butane torch lighter or a gas Zippo?

Terry Pomerantz is unequivocal: “The best torch lighters work on butane, since it produces a constant flame with a powerful, uniform and odorless heat.”

“Never light your cigar with a regular Bic lighter or with matches. Their flame is not powerful enough and your cigar won’t light properly. Moreover, those lighters will give your cigar a faint taste of gasoline.”

The top 5 best torch lighters, according to Terry Pomerantz

Here is the top 5 best torch lighters, according to Terry Pomerantz.

  1. The Xikar, a triple-flame tactical lighter with a fuel level window and a large adjustment wheel. Comes with the manufacturer’s life warranty.
  2. The Colibri Stealth 3, a triple-jet metallic charcoal lighter with fuel level window. Resists winds for up to 3,000 meters.
  3. The VVay Turbo Jet 3, a triple-jet torch lighter with wind breaker. Guaranteed for life.
  4. The Pipita, a windproof triple-jet lighter with a punch cutter and windscreen.
  5. The Zino Davidoff Jet, which can light up to 20 cigars before running out of fuel. Quick and precise lighting, thanks to its pointed jet flame.

Price for a torch lighter in Canada

In Canada, you can find the best torch lighters for cigars at prices that vary between $ 30 and $ 200. “Over $ 200, you’ll really be paying for design, inserts and the materials used. But these little masterpieces won’t light your Cohiba or Casa Magna any better than the others.”

Where can I get a torch lighter in Canada?

Terry Pomerantz suggests that you purchase your torch lighter in your favorite cigar shop. “In these stores, employees know their products very well. They will know exactly which torch lighter to suggest according to your needs and budget.”

You can also purchase these torch lighters on several online shops, on the manufacturer’s website, and e-commerce portals.

Cigar box, torch and cigar cutter

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