Romeo y Julieta cigars review by Terry Pomerantz

There are many reasons why Terry Pomerantz truly appreciates Romeo y Julieta cigars. And it is not because Winston Churchill adopted them when he visited Havana back in 1946!

Terry Pomerantz doesn’t miss a beat when asked what he thinks about them: “Romeo y Julieta cigars are amongst the best 10 cigar brands in the world! No matter if they are made in Cuba or elsewhere, they always bring bƒalanced flavors and incredible precision in terms of how they are made, which makes them stand out from other brands.”

A bit of history on the Romeo y Julieta

The Romeo y Julieta brand was born in 1873. In order to motivate their employees, the cigar factory leaders read books to them. The passionate story of Romeo and Juliet was the most popular amongst the workers. So, we can say that the famous brand owes its name not only to the iconic couple, but to the employees who fell in love with the story as well!

The instant Romeo and Julieta cigars hit the market, they became known for the consistency of their quality. They truly contributed to the brilliant reputation of Cuban cigars! When the first British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill, adopted the Julieta No.2, Jose Rodriguez Fernandez who was the owner of the brand at the time, renamed it the “Churchill”.

How Romeo y Julieta cigars are made

Romeo y Julieta cigars are made in Cuba, according to traditional methods. Tobacco plants are cultivated indoors for 8 weeks before being planted in the Vuelta Abajo fields, an agricultural region located in the West of Cuba, between Pinard Del Rio and San Juan. After they are harvested, tobacco leaves are then barrel fermented. Except for the puritos (cigarillos), which are machine made, every single Romeo y Julieta cigar is rolled by hand by a specialized craftsman called a “torcedor”.

Cigarillos and dry tobacco leaves placed in a metal box on a wooden table

Romeo y Julieta cigars’ main qualities

Romeo y Julieta cigars are very balanced cigars that are impeccably made. They are known for their robust and complex flavors that range from woody, herbaceous, creamy, leathery, earthy, nutty, cedar like and chocolaty.

Formats (vitolas)

Amongst the most popular Romeo y Julieta formats (vitolas), let’s mention:

  • Short Churchill (Ring: 50 – Length: 124 mm)
  • Wide Churchill (Ring: 55 – Length: 130 mm)
  • Mille Fleurs (Ring: 42 – Length: 129 mm)
  • Romeo y Julieta No 2 : (Ring: 42 – Length: 129 mm)
  • Romeo y Julieta No 3 : (Ring: 40 – Length: 117 mm)


A Romeo y Julieta Churchill sells for around $ 30 each.

A box of 25 Mille Fleurs cigars costs around $ 185, a Petit Coronas $ 325 and a Short Churchill box $ 650.

The Cuban flag

Where to buy Romeo y Julieta cigars?

Terry Pomerantz reminds us once more that Quebec tobacco laws prohibit all online promotion and sales of tobacco related products

“I invite you to purchase your Romeo y Julieta cigars in a specialized cigar shop. If you are traveling outside of Canada, you can bring back a total value of $ 800 worth of merchandise or a maximum of 50 cigars, without having to pay custom fees.”

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