Davidoff cigars in Quebec: price, opinion, etc.

Terry Pomerantz really appreciates Davidoff cigars, especially large cigars, like the Davidoff Chubby Especial double torpedo.

“Davidoff cigars’ stellar reputation is due to their optimal quality. Davidoff is obsessed with quality control. The fact that the quality of cigars made in Cuba began to wane is the very reason why Davidoff left for the Dominican Republic in the 1990s.”

Davidoff Cigars: A Brief History

Zino Davidoff, the founder of the Davidoff brand, was born in Kiev in 1906. Fleeing from Jewish persecution in tsarist Russia, the family escaped to Geneva in 1911 where Zino’s father opened a small tobacco shop.

Amongst his clients, there was a man named Vladimir Oulianov, who later changed his name for Lenin!

Later on, the most famous cigar smoker in all of history –Sir Winston Churchill-, also became a client of the Davidoff tobacco shop.

As a young adult, Zino traveled to Argentina, Brazil and Cuba, where he further developed his passion for tobacco. When he came back to Europe, he added Cuban cigars to the tobacco products offered in his father’s shop.

In 1970, following a Cuban manufacturer’s initiative, the first Davidoff cigars appeared on the international market. The Davidoff No. 1, No. 2 and Ambassador cigars met with immediate success.

In the early 1990s and with the help of Hendrik Kelner a master cigar maker, Davidoff cigars conquered the American market.

Left: standing cigar, beak up. On the right: 3 lying cigars (spout on the left) peeled, showing from bottom to top: the filler, the binder and the wrapper.

Davidoff Cigars: Composition

A classic Davidoff cigar is made from a Connecticut tobacco wrapper leaf from Ecuador, and a binder and filler made from Dominican tobacco.

The most sought after Davidoff cigars are the Aniversario and Grand Cru. The Davidoff Aniversario present notes of wood, mushroom and earth. Davidoff Grand Cru have humus, underbrush and nutty flavors.

More powerful, the Davidoff Maduro is made from a blend of Dominican tobaccos with a carefully fermented wrapper leaf. The result gives chocolate and coffee flavors. As for the Davidoff Millennium, it is a medium bodied cigar with notes of nutmeg, black chocolate and white pepper.

Also made from Dominican tobaccos, the Davidoff Puro D’Oro stands out with a smooth wrapper leaf, along with earth, mushroom, coffee and spice notes. The Puro D’Oro also gives off a more full-bodied smoke.

Let’s also mention the outstanding Davidoff Nicaragua and Davidoff Winston Churchill cigars.

The Davidoff Nicaragua is made from 100 % Nicaraguan tobaccos. The Oscuro wrapper leaf releases a smoky bouquet of pepper and cream notes.

The Davidoff Sir Winston Churchill is a mixture of Dominican, Nicaraguan and Mexican tobaccos encased in a Connecticut tobacco wrapper leaf from Ecuador. Medium bodied, the Sir Winston Churchill releases notes of coffee, cedar and sweet spices.

Davidoff Cigars: Prices

In Quebec, the price for Davidoff cigars plays around $ 15 for an Entreacto to $ 30 for a Davidoff No2 or Special “R”.

Two Cohiba cigars.

Where can you buy Davidoff cigars in Quebec

“In Quebec, it is much easier to get your hands on Davidoff cigars than Cohiba. Why? Because Davidoff cigars are made in the Dominican Republic while Cohiba are made in Cuba and Cuban cigar imports are under embargo” specifies Terry.

In Montreal, you can probably purchase Davidoff cigars in a specialized tobacco shop like Cigares Vasco on Sainte-Catherine West, Tababie Impériale on Masson Street in the Rosemont district, or Cigare & Compagnie on Saint-Laurent Street, Little Italy.

In Quebec City, you can find some at Tabagie J.E. Giguère on Buade Street or at Société Cigare on Grand Allée.

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