What Terry Pomerantz thinks of Don Lucas cigars

Although Terry Pomerantz prefers Cuban cigars, he also truly appreciates cigars made in the Dominican Republic. His opinion on Don Lucas cigars is crystal clear: “They are quality cigars that definitely deserve every cigar aficionado’s attention!”

The history behind Don Lucas cigars

In 1990, a Belgian tourist landed in the Santo Domingo airport. Two years later, conquered by the sun and the quality of Dominican cigars, Mr. Philippe Gillet returns. He decides to establish the Don Lucas house dedicated to the manufacturing of high-quality cigars.

When it first started back in 1992, Don Lucas only made around 150 cigars per day. Although the brand has met with constant success for over 30 years, Don Lucas still remains a cigar manufacturer that prioritizes quality over quantity. The Golf and Travel magazine has even placed Don Lucas cigars amongst the 12 top cigar brands from the Dominican Republic.

A collection of Don Lucas cigars.

Characteristics of Don Lucas cigars

Don Lucas offers 7 different types of cigars that are also broken into 14 sizes and 5 strengths.

Cigar leaves.

Where to purchase Don Lucas cigars?

If you are travelling to the Dominican Republic, you can purchase Don Lucas cigars directly from the warehouse, which is located in Punta Cana.

In Quebec, you can find some in your favorite Montreal tobacco shops. However, Don Lucas cigars are only made in small quantities, which make them harder to find in Quebec.

Prices for Don Lucas cigars

In the Dominican Republic, prices for Don Lucas cigars vary between $ 140 to $ 250 CND per box. Don Lucas 20th anniversary cigars will cost around $ 350 CND per box.

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