Why are Maduro cigars darker?

“The darker the tobacco. The stronger the cigar you smoke! Maduro cigars are some of the strongest cigars I know!” Terry Pomerantz continues, “In my opinion, only insiders will appreciate the very strong flavours of a Maduro cigar.”

Why are Maduro cigars darker?

Maduro cigars owe their dark colour to the cigar tobacco leaves that are used to make their wrapper. The word Maduro refers to the colour of the cigar wrapper. The colour range of the latter extends from Claro-claro (very light) to Oscuro, an almost black brown. In the classification of cigars by wrapper colour, the Maduro comes just before the Oscuro.

Some cigar manufacturers, such as Julius Newman Cigar, which makes Quorum cigars, use a Cameroonian tobacco leaf, the Cameroon variety, for the wrapper of their Maduro. Others prefer to use Arapicara leaves (Brazil) the soft texture of which is almost free of veins, or leaves of the Shade Grown Corojo variety which is cultivated in the southeast of Honduras.

Aroma, colour and fermentation of Maduro cigars

The wrapper of a Maduro cigar gives off full-bodied aromas with pronounced spice notes, often peppery. The Madura wrapper “boosts” the tobacco strength of the cigar.

After drying, the Maduro leaves ferment for 4 years at a temperature of about 51 °C. They reach their perfection and their full aromatic power.

Cigars graded by their wrapper color

When to smoke a Maduro cigar?

Maduro tobacco is robust and strong. Terry Pomerantz does not recommend this type of tobacco to a novice cigar smoker. “I also don’t recommend regulars to smoke a Maduro before a meal. You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the taste of your steak and potatoes anymore!”

“I prefer to smoke a lighter tobacco before a meal. A Cohiba Monterey, a Davidof or a Zinophia will not spoil the divine pleasures of the table! I would treasure my Maduro to accompany a final glass of full-bodied red or alcohol, but, after the meal.”

Your cigars are precious

Whether they are Quorum, Davidof, Monterey or Cohiba cigars, your cigars deserve to be stored in a humidor if you want to preserve their flavors for as long as possible.

Humidor to preserve your Maduro cigars

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