How long can you keep a cigar?

When you ask Terry Pomerantz how long a cigar can be kept, he answers without hesitation, “A good cigar is like a good wine, it can improve with age.”

How long can you keep your cigars?

Made only of non-GMO tobacco, a cigar is a natural product, free of preservative additives. Therefore, care must be taken to keep it as long as possible. With time, a Montecristo, a Cohiba or a Romeo y Julieta will reveal all the rich subtleties of their aromas.

“Note that I always talk about high quality handmade cigars and not those industrial cigars that you find in newsstands. Interesting cigars are almost exclusively purchased locally, in Cuba, the Dominican Republic or Nicaragua. In Quebec, because of the Tobacco Control Act, you will find them in specialized tobacco shops.”

How long does a cigar last without a humidor?

Just as someone who is beginning to be interested in wine will not immediately invest in a wine cellar, a novice cigar smoker will not buy a humidor as soon as his or her interest in cigars is piqued. “But if you keep a cigar in the open air for a few weeks, or even just a few days, its oils will quickly dry out and your investment, no matter how small, will be gone, and not even in smoke!” Terry Pomerantz goes on to say with a certain sadness…

The secret of cigar conservation

The secret of cigar conservation is hydrometry. In fact, a humidor is just a large or small, well-insulated box equipped with a hydrometer that will maintain a humidity level between 68% and 75%, an ideal level for cigar conservation. So, what can you do to preserve cigars if you do not have a humidor?

Different brands and lengths of cigars on the left, under a small rectangular blue sponge and a small self-sealing square transparent plastic bag on the right; all on a black background.

The secret is in the fridge!

As Terry mentioned in an article on this subject: “If you only have a few cigars to keep, you can put them in a conservation bag and keep them in the freezer. They will keep for several months.”

In fact, there is another variable to consider when preserving cigars. They must be stored at a constant temperature of 16°C to 18°C. By freezing your cigars, they retain their flavors and are protected against parasites such as fungi and larvae. But the ideal way to preserve excellent cigars for a long time is in a humidor.

Table humidor, in wood, open with upper level having 2 compartments with 7 cigars lined up in each and, under the lid, a hygrometer above a large rectangular black humidifier.

“In a well-maintained humidor, some will tell you that there is no limit and that you can keep your cigars for a very long time. Same thing for the freezer. Personally, I consider that unless they are kept in perfect conditions, my cigars do not gain much if I keep them for several years. In fact, I must confess that I have never actually tried it…”

A cigar enthusiast, Terry Pomerantz shares his expert advice on the different brands, types of cigars, and essential accessories to have. Immerse yourself in his recommendations to magnify your experience with each cigar, which you can enjoy in good company, an invitation to take the time to live each moment to the full.