How to set up a cigar bar for a wedding reception?

Smoking a good cigar during a wedding ceremony is a long lasting tradition.  But setting up a cigar bar for a wedding is not something that should be improvised!

A cigar bar is particularly popular during cocktail hour and after dinner drinks, especially for guests who enjoy finding themselves in smaller groups.

Tobacco Control Act

In the province of Quebec, the Tobacco Control Act states that smoking in public spaces is prohibited, like, for example, in reception halls.  Outside, smoking is prohibited within a 9- meter radius from any opening, for most public spaces. 

“In the city, even if in rare cases hotels have an authorized cigar lounge, if your wedding reception takes place in a hall, a hotel or a restaurant, you will most likely have to forget the idea of having your own cigar bar” says Terry Pomerantz. 

A cigar bar under a tent

However, if the reception is held at golf club reception hall, in a small hotel or at a friend’s place who owns a nice piece of land, you could always set up your cigar bar under a nice canvas gazebo, at a distance from the reception itself.

“Most of your guests won’t be smokers, and cigar smoke may inconvenience many of them” points out Terry Pomerantz.

Estimate the number of smokers

By estimating the number of cigar amateurs that will be present, you can estimate the size of the space you will need to set up your cigar bar for the wedding reception: the number of tables, chairs, ashtrays, lighters, cigar cutters and –most importantly- the variety and number of cigars you will have to purchase.

4 men's hand holding a cigar

A festive touch

You should also plan appropriate decorations for your wedding reception cigar bar, a sound system, ambient lighting and, perhaps, a pool table if you wish to add a very special touch!

Cigar choices

Your guests should have the choice between a variety of cigars, soft, medium and strong.  You can offer lesser expensive cigars like Casa Magna Colorado and Rocky Patel, and keep a few more prestigious cigars for the bigger cigar aficionados (Ashton, Romeo y Julietta and Montecristo).

Drink selection

When it comes to drinks, Terry Pomerantz suggests keeping it simple: “a red wine, a white wine, and one or two different scotches should do”.

A man holding a cigar by the sea

Keep it simple

Organizing a wedding reception is complicated in itself.  Terry Pomerantz suggests keeping things simple by letting professionals take over the organisation of your cigar bar. 

“Depending on your preferences and your budget, these pros provide cigars, drinks and all other necessities.  They will take care of service and provide your cigar bar guests with tasting tips.

If you would like good referrals for this kind of turn-key service, you can ask specialized tobacco shops like Vasco, Cigar et Compagnie and Tabagie Impériales, or even at a cigar lounge like the Whisky Café.”

A cigar enthusiast, Terry Pomerantz shares his expert advice on the different brands, types of cigars, and essential accessories to have. Immerse yourself in his recommendations to magnify your experience with each cigar, which you can enjoy in good company, an invitation to take the time to live each moment to the full.