Terry Pomerantz tells us how to use a travel humidor.

While traveling for business or pleasure, a real cigar amateur will surely be packing a few cigars in his suitcase.

Since these are certain to be high quality cigars, he will be worrying about how to keep them fresh.

Terry Pomerantz tells us how to use a travel humidor.

What is a travel humidor?

A travel cigar humidor works the same way as a walk-in humidor or humidor for household use. Its main characteristics are the same.

The main difference is that regulating humidity becomes more complex. Travel size humidors are smaller, which means there is less space for the air to circulate.

How to use a travel humidor?

A travel humidor is used the same way as a regular household humidor.

You do have to make sure that the wood with which your travel cigar humidor is made, is of high quality. High quality wood allows for humidity to be absorbed and by doing so, keeps all fluctuations of humidity in balance.

You must also ensure that the separators inside the travel cigar humidor are placed correctly. When separators are properly positioned, each cigar remains in its place so that wrappers do not touch or get damaged.

How to choose your travel humidor?

To choose a good travel humidor, you must first determine what your needs are:

  • Do you travel often and for long periods?
  • Do you smoke cigars during your business trips? Your vacations? Both or neither?
  • Do you usually find great places to purchase high quality cigars during these travels?

Depending on your needs, you can determine if a small travel humidor (which can contain 10 to 15 cigars) or a larger cigar case (with enough space for 50 cigars) is the appropriate choice for you.

In most travel cigar humidors, there is also space to store your lighter and your cutter.

Travel cigar humidors made of reinforced plastic, like the Cigar Caddy, are shock resistant and protect cigars adequately.

Black humidifier case with diffuser and embossed foam under the cover as well as 9 dividers and 2 foam insulators; plastic exterior with handle on hinges, 2 clip clasps on each side and a ventilation adjustment button.

How to care for your travel humidor

Travel humidor care is not much different than caring for your walk-in humidor or household humidor.

Make sure it works properly and that it is set to a humidity degree of around 70%.

When traveling with your humidor, avoid exposure to sunlight.

Use distilled water to fill the reservoir and make sure to clean all surfaces regularly so as to avoid dust accumulation.

Terry offers 2 simple solutions to replace a travel humidor

If you prefer to travel “light”, Terry suggests placing your cigars in a conservation bag with a pouch to maintain proper humidity. You then simply roll the bag to empty the air it contains and place it in your briefcase.

You can also find new humidor bags (brands like Boveda, Adonori or Ashton) in specialized tobacco shops. These highly resistant bags close with a zipper.

Humidity control is incorporated in the lining of the bag. Depending on their size, they can contain anywhere from 5 to 25 cigars, or more.

Humidifier bag with 11 cigars of 6 different kinds inside

A cigar enthusiast, Terry Pomerantz shares his expert advice on the different brands, types of cigars, and essential accessories to have. Immerse yourself in his recommendations to magnify your experience with each cigar, which you can enjoy in good company, an invitation to take the time to live each moment to the full.