All about the most expensive cigars in the world

Close up photo of a luxury cut cigar.

Terry Pomerantz offers a series of articles on the most expensive cigars in the world. “Just like with wine or cooking, a brand being prestigious or expensive is no guarantee as to how much you will enjoy a particular cigar. Cigars are a world of their own; a universe that changes from one year to the next, from one tobacco to another, and that culminates in the artisan’s and the torcedores’ know-how.”

What the most expensive cigars have to offer

Contrary to most inexpensive cigars that are industrially made in factories, the most expensive cigars, the ultra-premium, are made by specialized artisans.

These cigars are made from the best Habano tobaccos in Cuba, or the best tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, and more recently newer players like Honduras and Nicaragua. 

These exceptional cigars are rolled by hand by the best torcedoras and torcedores in the world. Just a reminder: the 4,000 Behike made for the brand’s 40th anniversary were all rolled by hand by Norma Fernandez.

Ultra-premium cigars are made in limited editions. They are presented in luxurious cigar caves, often hand sculpted and accompanied by sophisticated accessories signed by world renowned designers.

The 10 most expensive cigars

Here are 10 cigars that are among the most expensive in the world. Please note that we are providing you with an approximate price in American dollars.

  1. Cohiba 50thanniversary – $ 5,000
  2. Gurkha Black Dragon Special Edition – $ 1,150
  3. Oro Blanco cigars, 2002 special reserve by Davidoff — $ 500
  4. 40th Anniversary Behike cigars by Cohiba — $ 450
  5. Padron 50thAnniversary — $ 160
  6. Partagas 15thAnniversary Collection — $ 80
  7. Montecristo Volume 1 : 100 days — $ 65
  8. Hoyo de Monterrey San Juan — $ 60
  9. San Cristobal 5thAnniversary — $ 55
  10. Romeo y Julietta 130thanniversary — $ 35

A philosopher at heart, Terry Pomerantz concludes –as he exhales a cloud of blue smoke– “I am really no expert. I am only a cigar amateur who loves to share his personal experience with his readers who, one day –I truly hope–, will have the opportunity and pleasure of being gifted, or of gifting themselves, with one of these prestigious cigars”.