Bolivar Cigars: Review and Price in Canada

Terry Pomerantz gives his opinion on Bolivar cigar. “Bolivar cigars are truly excellent. They are geared toward cigar aficionados who have some experience under their belts, and who love strong flavors and aromas.”

Bolivar Cigars: A Brief History

Bolivar cigars were created in Cuba at the beginning of the 20th century by José Fernandez Rocha. They were given the name Bolivar in memory of Simón Bolivar el Libertador, who freed several South American countries from Spanish colonialism.

In mid 1950s, the Bolivar brand was sold to the Cienfuentes family. This allowed Bolivar cigars to profit from international commercialization with the Partagas manufacture, thanks to whom they became well-known in the United Kingdoms and Europe.

Bolivar Cigars, Presented by Terry Pomerantz

Even though they are not quite as renowned as Cohiba cigars, Bolivar cigars definitely have their place among the best Cuban cigars. Let’s also mention that some Bolivar cigars are also among the most expensive cigars in the world.

“Made from tobaccos from the Vuelta Abajo region, Bolivar cigars are cigars that pack a punch. They are among the most powerful cigars I’ve ever tasted!” says Terry Pomerantz.

Terry adds: “The Boliva Soberano El 2018 stands out with animal notes; the Coronas Junior, the Bolivar Belicosos Finos and the Bolivar Libertador stand out with earthy aromas and the Royal Coronas with spice notes.”

Bolivar Cigars: Price List

Just like for any well-known cigar brand, you can purchase excellent Bolivar cigars at relatively affordable prices, while prices for some of the vitolas are very high.

This list is for information purposes only. Take note that these prices can vary according to several factors, including fluctuations in the value of the Canadian dollar.

Cigar Price per Box Price per Unit
Bolivar Coronas Junior $335 $13.50
Bolivar Royal Coronas $375 $37.50
Bolivar Royal Coronas $750 $30
Bolivar Belicosos Finos $925 $37
Bolivar Libertador $925 $92.50
Bolivar Soberano El 2018 $1,825 $182.50
Bolivar Gran Belicosos 2010 $3,900 $195

Where to purchase Bolivar cigars in Canada

Cigar aficionados will find specialised tobacco shops in every big Canadian city. Here are just a few:

City Cigar Shop Address
Halifax Halifax Club Cigar Shop & Barber Shop 1675 Granville St.
Montreal Vasco Cigars Sainte-Catherine St., close to Bishop
Quebec Tabagie J E Giguère ltée 61 Buade St.
Ottawa Ottawa Cigar Emporium 100 Clarence St.
Toronto Smoking Cigar 1540 Bayview Ave
Winnipeg Thomas Hinds Tobacconist 185 Carlton
Calgary Tobacco Outlet 927 General Ave NE
Vancouver City Cigar Emporium 888 W 6th Ave
Victoria Old Morris 1116 Government St.

“Although they are very strong, Bolivar cigars are among the best Habanos I have ever smoked. After a nice meal, a Bolivar pairs really well with a nice scotch, enjoyed on your terrace or in your living room… with the windows open of course!” whispers Terry, with a wink and a smile.

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