How to properly put out a cigar: tips and tricks.

How to extinguish a cigar? You might be thinking there is nothing simpler! “Well… ideally, once you light a cigar, you shouldn’t put it out. But if you must, it is really important not to stub it out in an ashtray like a cigarette. Firstly, the smell would be horrible. Secondly, if you were to light it again later, it would taste as bad as it smells!” answers Terry Pomerantz.

What happens when you stub out a cigar

“A crushed cigar smells absolutely horrible!” continues Terry. When you extinguish a cigar this way, all of the oils and tar contained in the cigar blend together and are released at the same time, which is what creates that nauseating smell.

How to extinguish a cigar naturally?

So, if you are wondering how Terry Pomerantz puts out his cigar, here are some of his tips and tricks.

“If you have to take a break while enjoying one of your favorite cigars, leave it in the ashtray. Your cigar will eventually go out by itself. You can also stand the cigar in the ashtray, with the cherry side down. It will go out a little more quickly.”

view of a cigar that goes out naturally

How to keep a half-smoked cigar

Having to stop a cigar midway happens to all cigar smokers. How can you save it for later?

  • Let it go out by itself in the ashtray.
  • Cut the cigar behind the ash line.
  • Place it in a freezer bag, it its tube wrapper or in an airtight tube case.
  • Do not put it back in your humidor.

A cigar that was put out this way won’t keep for more than 48 hours. If you choose to smoke it during this time, it will be “average”. Beyond that, it isn’t even worth it, given that all of your cigar’s delicious flavors will have been corrupted.

View of a cigar that smokes at half

How to light a cigar that was put out?

If you have allowed your cigar to go out by itself and you choose to light it again, no matter if it is after 20 minutes or before 48 hours, you will have to purge it.

  • Hold your cigar by the end.
  • Bring it closer to your mouth.
  • Bring the flame of your torch lighter closer without letting it touch the cigar.
  • Blow gently into the cigar until the flame is almost straight again.

This will help you get rid of the corrupted gas that accumulated when you let it burn out. It will bring in fresh oxygen and reduce some of the bitterness. However, do not expect your cigar’s aroma to be as great as before you put it out.

“The very best way to truly enjoy a quality cigar is to smoke it in one go, without having to put it out” concludes Terry Pomerantz as he lights one of his favorite cigars.

View of a person relighting an extinguished cigar

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