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Colt cigars in Canada: price, along with Terry Pomrantz’ review

In Quebec, everyone knows Colt cigars; small cigars that are sweet, flavored and affordable. But what kind of quality can you expect from a Colt cigar? Here is what Terry Pomerantz has to say about it. History of Colt cigars The Colts and Old Port inc. cigar company was launched in 1964 by Philip Morris. … Continued

Behike cigars in Canada: a rarety!

Behike cigars are the most prestigious, most rare and most expensive cigars in the world. “Behike cigars are so rare, we can’t even find them in Cuba anymore!” says Terry Pomerantz, regrettably. The history of Behike cigars Behike cigars were produced for the first time in 2005 in the El Laguito manufacture, the same place … Continued

How to properly put out a cigar: tips and tricks.

How to extinguish a cigar? You might be thinking there is nothing simpler! “Well… ideally, once you light a cigar, you shouldn’t put it out. But if you must, it is really important not to stub it out in an ashtray like a cigarette. Firstly, the smell would be horrible. Secondly, if you were to … Continued

How to cut a cigar: Terry Pomerantz’ tips and tricks!

Just like any cigar aficionado, Terry Pomerantz recognizes the importance of paying close attention to every little detail. Whether it is a small cigar or large cigar, cutting the closed end of your cigar is an important part of the process, one that you should master prior to even thinking of lighting it. Why and … Continued

What Terry Pomerantz thinks of Don Lucas cigars

Although Terry Pomerantz prefers Cuban cigars, he also truly appreciates cigars made in the Dominican Republic. His opinion on Don Lucas cigars is crystal clear: “They are quality cigars that definitely deserve every cigar aficionado’s attention!” The history behind Don Lucas cigars In 1990, a Belgian tourist landed in the Santo Domingo airport. Two years … Continued

Do cigars have an expiration date?

Terry Pomerantz explains the main signs of an expired cigar. Do cigars expire? In theory, a quality cigar doesn’t have an expiration date. “If kept under the right conditions, a cigar can even improve in quality as it ages, just like a good wine!” remarks Terry Pomerantz. Do cigars have an expiration date? Terry Pomerantz … Continued

Romeo y Julieta cigars review by Terry Pomerantz

The original uploader was Geographer at English Wikipedia., CC BY 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons There are many reasons why Terry Pomerantz truly appreciates Romeo y Julieta cigars. And it is not because Winston Churchill adopted them when he visited Havana back in 1946! Terry Pomerantz doesn’t miss a beat when asked what he thinks about … Continued

Bulleyes cigars reviews by Terry Pomerantz

For Terry Pomerantz, small Bullseye cigars “…are fun little cigars we smoke once in a while, for a party or wedding reception, for example. Other than that, I do not recommend smoking flavored cigars like Bullseye, Honey T or Backwood.” A bit of Cigarillos and Bullseye history As early as 2500 B.C. Mayans were already … Continued

The 5 best torch lighters for cigars, according to Terry

When Terry Pomerantz kicks back to relax in his garden, playing around with a cigar lighter, there’s a good chance it might be one of the 5 best torch lighters, found in Canada. Find out more about cigars with Terry What is a torch lighter? Also called jet lighters or turbo lighters, torch lighters utilize … Continued