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How to calibrate an electronic cigar hygrometer?

Terry Pomerantz recommends all cigar lovers to install an electric hygrometer in their humidors if they don’t already have one. But, what is a hygrometer? What has it got to do with a Cohiba, a Partagas or a Montecristo? How do you calibrate a cigar hygrometer? Learn more about cigars What is a hygrometer? At … Continued

What Terry Pomerantz thinks of Cohiba cigars

According to Terry Pomerantz, Cohiba cigars –especially those made in Cuba- are amongst the best in the world. “For a cigar amateur, smoking a Cohiba is absolutely divine!” How has Cohiba become a mythical brand? In the 1960s, one of Fidel Castro’s guards was smoking a very aromatic cigar. Fidel asked him where he had … Continued

What Terry Pomerantz thinks of Flor De Las Antillas Cigars

Terry Pomerantz has noticed that in the last few years, several new quality cigar brands have paved their way into the international market. “Not so long ago, cigars were products that were almost exclusive to Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Now, we find quality cigars from Hoduras (La Estancia, Camacho), Mexico (Capa For Connecticut, Santa … Continued

Don Tomas cigars: Terry tells you everything

Let’s keep exploring the wonderful world of cigars with our guide, Terry Pomerantz. In this article, Terry tells us all we need to know about Don Tomas cigars. The origin of Don Tomas cigars Don Tomas artisanal cigars were created in Honduras in the 1950s. The wrapper leaf and the binder of a Don Tomas … Continued

A few ideas for a cigar bar for your special events

Terry Pomerantz is a real master when it comes to organizing a cigar bar for a party or a special event. “Whether it is to celebrate a birthday, a golf tournament or a wedding reception, I like for my guests to have access to a cigar bar; especially since there are always a few cigars … Continued

How to set up a cigar bar for a wedding reception?

Smoking a good cigar during a wedding ceremony is a long lasting tradition.  But setting up a cigar bar for a wedding is not something that should be improvised! A cigar bar is particularly popular during cocktail hour and after dinner drinks, especially for guests who enjoy finding themselves in smaller groups. Tobacco Control Act … Continued

Casa Magna Colorado cigars: find out more!

Casa Magna Colorado cigars are increasingly popular. If you have never smoked a Casa Magna cigar, read on to see what Terry Pomerantz has to say about them. The origin of the Casa Magna cigar The Casa Magna cigar was born in 2008 from an association between Manuel Quesada –the manufacturer of several of the … Continued

Backwoods cigars in Canada: Terry tells you everything!

Terry Pomerantz has serious doubts when it comes to Backwood cigars. “It is illegal to sell aromatic cigars in Canada and Quebec. In fact, the Canadian Tobacco and Vaping Products Act states that it is illegal to sell candy- and fruit-flavoured or aromatic small cigars and cigarettes. Backwood cigars have been created with the purpose … Continued

What are cheap cigars worth?

What is a cheap cigar worth? What are the cigars we buy at the hotel shop on our southern vacation worth? Terry Pomerantz often finds cheap cigars of very acceptable quality. But then again, what are they really worth? Counterfeit and cheap cigars There is a big difference between counterfeit cigars sold on the beach … Continued