Do cigars have an expiration date?

Terry Pomerantz explains the main signs of an expired cigar.

Do cigars expire?

In theory, a quality cigar doesn’t have an expiration date. “If kept under the right conditions, a cigar can even improve in quality as it ages, just like a good wine!” remarks Terry Pomerantz.

Do cigars have an expiration date?

Terry Pomerantz recommends storing cigars in a humidor for 6 to 12 months. “However, if a handmade premium cigar is stored properly, it can be stored indefinitely”.

How to know if your cigars are out of date?

At the time of purchase

To avoid buying an expired cigar, hold the cigar in your fingers. “When you hold a fresh cigar, it should be firm and supple. If the wrapper is cracked, dry or too hard, the cigar is no longer any good”, cautions Terry.

Terry continues, “When you are on vacation, avoid buying boxes of cigars in souvenir shops or from a dealer on the beach. These cigar boxes are closed and sealed, so you can’t check their freshness. It’s always better to buy cigars from a reputable tobacco shop.”

Open cigar humidor case.

After purchasing – protect against mold and insects

In a humidor, if a single cigar is attacked by insects, you should check the outer wrapper of the other cigars for tiny holes. Even if the cigars are not punctured, Terry Pomerantz recommends putting them in a freezer bag and placing them in the freezer for 3 days. “The cold will kill the bugs and you will be able to enjoy your cigars in peace.”

As for mold, it appears when the humidity level in a humidor is poorly controlled or because the cigar has been kept uncovered for too long in a very humid place.

If a white mold appears on the surface of the cigar, you can simply wipe the cigar and smoke it without fear. Your cigar won’t have lost any of its aroma and flavour.

However, if the mold is green, then throw the cigar away and make sure the other cigars are not contaminated. “If they are, you will have to resign yourself to throwing your cigars in the recycling bin!”

How long can cigars remain uncovered?

You should avoid keeping cigars in the open. They will dry out if exposed to too much light and air. If your cigars have dried out, but the wrapper is not broken, unrolled or perforated, your cigars are not yet out of date.

You can restore them by gradually introducing humidity into their environment. If you placed them in a humidor, gradually increase the humidity level. If you don’t have a humidor, you can place a small amount of water in a plastic bag and place it in their box. “With cigars, you have to be patient. It will take at least 3 months for your cigars to return to full health!”

Different brands and lengths of cigars including a plastic bag to store them.

How to stop your cigars from deteriorating?

  • Check their quality when you buy them.
  • Do not leave your cigars in the open air.
  • Even with a humidor, examine your cigars regularly and check for insects or mold.
  • A humidity level of 68% to 72% stops your cigars from drying out or becoming infested with bugs.
  • Your humidor is airtight. Airing your cigars once every 2 weeks will stop mold from appearing.

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